DeMarcus Cousins Signs With Warriors and Ruins the NBA

DeMarcus Cousins just broke the internet and the NBA today by joining the Golden State Warriors. He signed a 1 year, $5.3 million deal to play for the Warriors.

The Warriors now have five superstars in their starting five. Basically, they have created their own All-Star team. This makes them almost guaranteed to win the 2018-2019 NBA Finals and the season hasn't started yet/

Golden State deserves a lot of credit in signing Cousins. Rumors were that Cousins was headed to Los Angeles but the Warriors were able to convince him to play for them for less money. That happened because teams weren't willing to shell out money to Cousins. He wanted a max contract but he didn't have any takers.

Now, he will be playing for a championship next season. If anyone is to blame, it is the rest of the NBA. Granted, nobody saw this coming. Cousins was able to get revenge on all those teams by making the Warriors even better.

Cousins hasn't played in a playoff game in his career. Unless Cousins' sustains another injury, he is guaranteed to play in one next year. No team will be able to stop the Warriors and will have to hope they can trade points with them for 48 minutes. The Warriors one weakness was their rebounding and Cousins will finally give them a dominant rebounder.

The Lakers must be fuming right now because they were able to sign LeBron James and they were upstaged within a day. The NBA moves fast right now and even more changes may be around the corner. If the Lakers can get Kawhi Leonard, they may have a chance to compete with the Warriors.