Dallas Mavericks Trying to Acquire Deandre Jordan

The Dallas Mavericks are trying to acquire Deandre Jordan and finally get a dominant center. He can be their defensive anchor but does Jordan want to play for the Mavericks?

Jordan is currently deciding if he wants to accept his player option for next year or leave and become a free agent. The Clippers aren’t sure what Jordan’s plans are and are in talks with him to sign him and/or sign and trade him to the Mavericks.

It was a tumultuous year for Jordan last year because the Clippers went from a great team in the Western Conference to becoming mediocre. After Chris Paul left, the team initially struggled to find their footing but they did eventually. However, Jordan’s displeasure with the Clippers became well known and many people expected him to be traded.

Now, he is in control of his destiny and from the looks of it, he will get paid one way or another. Jordan’s height, defense and athleticism make him a great role player that improves a team’s chances of winning. He does tend to create drama and that is something teams will have to be wary of. The Mavericks know firsthand how petty Jordan can be.

In 2015, Jordan verbally agreed to sign with the Mavericks. Unluckily for the Mavs, Jordan changed his mind a few days later after he was visited by his Clipper teammates. Dallas couldn’t get in touch with him and the Clippers were able to resign Jordan in the end.

The Mavericks seem to have short memory and are willing to give it another go. Will Jordan be a Maverick this time around or will he resign with the only team he has played for his whole career? I believe that Jordan will leave. He wants to be in a winning environment and the Mavericks seem to heading towards that and the Clippers are leaving from that place.

Certain players do anything to win and other players do anything to end up in the best situation that will help them win. Jordan is part of the latter. He is a great player but he doesn’t have the mentality that certain players have about winning. That is why I believe he will leave. Another factor that will play a big role is that the Clippers lost two of their superstars in Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. Jordan’s two friends aren’t there anymore so he has less reason to stay than usual.

It looks like the Clippers want to salvage something and that is the best thing for them to do. They are looking towards improving and in a few years, they can become a great team again. Without any superstars, they won’t be able to stand out in the Western Conference. The Mavs on the other hand are on the come up and Jordan can help them make the playoffs next year.