Clippers Plan to Take Over NBA By Signing Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard

The Los Angeles Clippers are planning to take over the NBA next year by going out and signing Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard. If they do land those two players, the Clippers will become the best team in the NBA.

Kevin Durant is the best offensive player in the league. While his current Golden State Warrior teammate Stephen Curry can score from anywhere, Durant's height lets him score almost anytime he wants to. And Leonard is the best two-way player in the league. He can score on offense and can guard the best player of the opposing team.

The Clippers know that if they get those two players, they will become a force to be reckoned with. Right now, the Clippers have a legitimate chance to land them. Leonard has publicly stated that he wants to play in Los Angeles. There are two Los Angeles teams but the Lakers have little chance to land him because they have made it known that he isn't their first choice.

As for Durant, the Clippers think they can convince him to come to L.A. Durant, like many players, wants to play in the limelight. He wants to play in the biggest city and make a name for himself outside of the NBA.

It won't take much for the Clippers to convince players to join their roster. They have a great roster right now which is competing for a playoff spot. The team is good and one step away from being great. Adding Leonard and Durant would do just that.