Carmelo Anthony's Villainous Plan Gets Him Paid and Still Leave the Thunder

The Oklahoma Thunder and superstar Carmelo Anthony will be parting ways before free agency is done according to sources.

This news comes after a week of Anthony opting in to his $27.9 million option and stay as a Thunder instead of testing free agency. That looks like it was a master plan by Anthony to get paid by the Thunder and also play for another team. It may be one of the most devious plays by a player in the history of the NBA.

Anthony had to intention to stay in Oklahoma yet wanted to get paid that $27.9 million nonetheless. Oklahoma is hoping to trade Anthony but if they can’t, they will buy him out and spread his contract over the next three years to decrease their luxury tax.

Will teams trade for Anthony even though he only has one year remaining in his contract? Those contracts are sought after because it expires after next season but $28 million for Anthony seems unjustifiable. He is not a superstar player anymore and it will be a waste of money no matter how you look at it.

Nobody believes that Anthony is great player anymore. He doesn’t bring much to a team besides isolation plays and they have been less and less effective each year. We are seeing Anthony’s game deteriorate and realizing how horrible isolation play is against teams that play team ball.

One team that still believes Anthony to be a valuable asset is the Houston Rockets. They are going to make a play for him and if the Thunder play it right, they can get rid of Anthony’s contract for the right price. The Rockets shouldn’t have shown their hand and that may be the reason why they end up giving up more than they would have if they waited for the Thunder to reach out.

Getting Anthony will not make the Rockets better and they will find out the hard way. Unlike Chris Paul and James Harden, Anthony is not a great isolation player. He will be the odd man out in Houston and they will truly have a problem.

If the Thunder successfully purge Anthony, they will be a better team for it. The Western Conference has gotten even better this season and the Thunder look like they have the potential to stay in the playoff race with all their recent signings. They are looking more and more like a team that is learning to make better decisions when it comes to players and getting rid of Anthony is one of those decisions.