Carmelo Anthony Joins Rockets But Will He Be Enough to Beat Warriors?

Carmelo Anthony is officially a member of the Houston Rockets. Will he be able to help them overcome the Golden State Warriors and reach the NBA Finals?

On Monday, Anthony signed a one year, $2.4 million deal with the Rockets. This comes after he was waived by the Atlanta Hawks so acquired him via trade from the Oklahoma Thunder. It has been a busy summer for Anthony.

Now that he has finally settled and found a home, the question that is hanging in the air is what will he be able to bring to the Rockets. Will he be able to give them a third superstar or will he be a terrible fit like he was with the Thunder?

Age is a factor here because Anthony is 34 years old. He will not be as athletic as most of his peers. That might not sound important because Anthony is more of a shooter but it will play a big role. The Warriors are young and all their superstars are in their prime. Anthony won’t be able to give much resistance if he can’t even keep up with them.

A starting position is not guaranteed. Anthony will supposedly have to fight for it. Yea, don’t pay attention to that. Anthony will get the starting position because they wouldn’t want to displease Anthony. They will want him to fit in and fit in well. That won’t work if he is disgruntled.

I don’t think Anthony makes them that much better. Yes, he is a great shooter and will knock down shots but he likes to do his own thing. That won’t be easy to do since James Harden and Chris Paul both dominate the ball already. There is only one basketball and it will not be enough for this Rockets team.

Ultimately, the Rockets won’t be able to beat the Warriors. Anthony is unfortunately a downgrade from Trevor Ariza. While Anthony is a better scorer, he needs a lot of shots to do that. Also, his lack of defense will hurt the Rockets. Ariza would give them reliable defense but that is gone. Anthony and Harden both are bad defenders and that is one too many on the same team.

We have seen the Rockets peak. They won’t be better than the Warriors in the regular season this year nor will they beat them in the playoffs. Anthony would have helped 3 years ago, not this year. It will still be fun to see Anthony team up with Harden and Paul.