Can Anthony Davis and LeBron James Beat the Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors are the best team in the NBA and have been for a while now. To beat them, the NBA's best players will have to assemble. Can a team up of Anthony Davis and LeBron James defeat the Warriors?

Before be go into this debate, we will have to make a few things clear. The roster we will including for the Warriors will not include DeMarcus Cousins. He doesn't plan to play with the Warriors after this year. Davis won't be able to join the Lakers until next year when the New Orleans Pelicans are more willing to trade him. Every other player on the Warriors roster is expected to also be on next year's roster.

It will be important to see who the Warriors replace Cousins with. He is a dominant rebounder and and is one of the Warrior's weaknesses. Besides the rebounds, the Warriors will get destroyed in the paint. Davis dominates the Warriors and they can't stop him. Luckily for the Warriors, Davis doesn't have another superstar on his team to help him. With James, that changes.

Just like Davis, the Warriors cannot stop James either. That's about 60 points Davis and James will score a game. To beat the Warriors, the Lakers will need more than 110 because defense will not matter. The Warriors have too many great scorers and they create great shots. Can the Lakers role players score enough to beat the Warriors?

I think it will be close. The Lakers have lots of great scorers. Besides Brandon Ingram, I don't think anyone else will score consistently. This is where it gets tricky. Can the Lakers get production from the rest of the roster?

As of right now, I think the Warriors would win in seven games. While the Lakers have two superstars, they don't have truly reliable role players. Will Kyle Kuzma play well even though he won't get the ball often? Besides their role players, the Lakers defense isn't that good. Besides Davis, they don't have a good defender.

If James was younger, I think the Lakers would have the edge. Instead, James is old and he won't be able to bully the Warriors as often he as he would like. His defense has gotten worse and we haven't seen James adapt well to another player. Usually, the other players make the sacrifice but with Davis, James would have to take a backseat.

This is just my prediction. I may be completely wrong. The Lakers should pursue Davis next year and if they do, they may be the ones to break the Warriors reign of the Western Conference. It has to happen eventually and if James and the Lakers do it, it will be a great chapter in James already amazing career.