Brooklyn Nets Trade Away Jeremy Lin to the Atlanta Hawks

The Brooklyn Nets have traded Jeremy Lin to the Atlanta Hawks and will get back Kenneth Faried, Darrell Arthur, the Denver Nugget’s protected first round pick and a second round pick. The Nuggets will get Isaiah Whitehead from the Nets.

This is a great trade for the Hawks because they have gotten a great backup point guard for rookie Trae Young. He will have a teammate who has been in the league for a while and knows how difficult a journey it is to play at the highest level. They have a solid backup guard who will also be a great mentor for their future star. This is how a team is supposed to make a star player.

For the Nets, they get a future first round pick and have cleared space up to resign certain players this off-season. Lin hasn’t work out exactly for the Nets so parting ways with him sounds like the right thing to do. Sometimes an experiment doesn’t work out. The road the Nets are headed towards looks bright because this exemplifies a trade a good team would make.

The winners of the trade certainly won’t be the Nuggets but they were able to clear cap space. They also got a good player in Whitehead. Losing Faried was a good choice for them because he cannot shoot and while he is a great rebounder, shooting is needed in the Western Conference to compete. Also, their first round pick is protected from 1-12. But they should be in the playoffs next year so expect them to lose out on their first round pick.

Grading this trade is not easy because they all won big because they were able to clear up space and acquire what they wanted. Denver really needed to get rid of a few contracts to get under the luxury tax. The Nets didn’t seem like they lost much by trading Lin and Whitehead and getting a first round pick is a win for them. Atlanta may have gotten the least back but they got exactly what they wanted, a veteran backup point guard.