Are The Lakers Interested in Trading for Bradley Beal?

The Los Angeles Lakers haven't had a great season and need to make a few moves to make the playoffs. Will one of those moves be trading for Bradley Beal?

So far, the Lakers have realized that the team they have isn't that good. They can't shoot the three ball well and team chemistry isn't always there. By getting Beal, they would improve their three-point shooting and give the Lakers another great play-maker.

As much as the Lakers like Brandon Ingram, they need to trade him. By signing LeBron James, the Lakers ruined Ingram's future with the team. He was playing well last year but has struggled this year. He needs to go to another team that wants him to be the future. As it stands now, the Lakers aren't that team.

Luke Walton and the Lakers should take advantage of the fact that the Washington Wizards are trading away their team. The Lakers are in need of another star and the Wizards gave them a gift. Teams don't upend and make all their players available for trade.

It is now up to the Lakers to realize that they need to trade for Beal. The only problem is that Beal has a big contract of about $27 million per year for the next two years which will hurt the Lakers chances of going after other superstars in the upcoming summer.

That brings us to the discussion of what the Lakers want to do. Do they want to make the playoffs this year or do they want to wait till next year? They most likely won't make the playoffs with the current roster. Trading for a star player will cost them a few good players and it will hurt their salary cap.

If the Lakers don't pursue Beal, other teams will. That is why the Lakers need to decide what they want to do fast before it's too late.