Anthony Davis May be Leaving the Pelicans

It looks like one of the best players in the NBA may be leaving. Superstar Anthony Davis parted ways with his agent and is planning on signing with Rich Paul of Klutch Sports, the same agent LeBron James has.

This made many people speculate whether Davis is planning on going to the Los Angeles Lakers. That may happen because they have the money to sign Davis. The issue would be whether they will be willing to wait for Davis.

He still has two years left on his contract and can opt out after that. The Lakers are in a win-now mode so Davis may miss out because of that. This also depends a lot on whether the Lakers can sign a superstar next summer. They didn't have much luck with superstars besides James.

David might end up resigning with the New Orleans Pelicans. Who knows what happens. I think Davis was annoyed that he didn't get paid as much as he could have. Players are making $40 million now and Davis is only making $26 million even though he is a top-five player.

NBA players need to stop signing long-term contracts. They used to be good for players when they feared an injury would end their career. Now, those same contracts are coming back to haunt them. Players are not able to renegotiate their contracts and are getting underpaid.

The NBA has fixed the problem by signing shorter contracts and having the ability to opt out of the last year. That way, they can test the market if the market is paying players more than it did a few years ago.

It is going to be a pandemonium for Davis when he hits free agency. He is an elite player and only 25 years old. If he signs with the right team, he can make a playoff run instead of getting eliminated before making it to the Conference Finals.