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A circle is an interested based community blog, managed by the circle editor. Each circle has its own audience of passionate, like-minded writers and readers, looking for the next intriguing story!

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You'll have your content automatically read by a huge audience, ensuring a steady stream of traffic and ad-revenue

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We know blogging is difficult. Building up a reader audience from scratch, the inability to monetize content, and the subsequent lack of motivitation causes 90% of bloggers to quit in the first 3 months. You are not alone in your struggles to be a successful blogger!

By connecting you to like-minded bloggers and instantly sending your articles to relevant circles. You'll have your content automatically read by a huge audience, ensuring a steady stream of traffic and ad-revenue.

How does it work?

Creating and Earning


As a writer, simply pick a circle and start writing for one of our interest-based blogging communities. Alternatively, you can choose to start your own circle as well.

Circle editors receive relevant articles to their circle's inbox, providing them with a steady flow of fresh content, without the pressure of having to produce as many blogposts as possible themselves.

Whether you're a veteran in the game or barely getting started as a writer, you'll find a community to call home at Small Teaser.


Writers can push their stories directly to any of the vibrant circles. In turn, the Circle editors get to select the content they like and share it with their communities' audience, creating a win-win-win for bloggers, readers, and circle editors alike.


High quality stories written by our bloggers, and shared by the Circle editors throughout the Small Teaser platform, will find their way to the audience it deserves. If you focus on doing what you do best, creating awesome and inspiring content, we will do what WE do best: launching your blogging career and increasing your revenue!

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Users love us

Creating finished pages was really fast with the super-simple, all-in-one Small Teaser program.

The platform easily connected me with other skydiving enthusiasts, and I've been happy to work with over 100 writers, whose articles simply appeared on my dashboard as a nice surprise! Best of all,

Small Teaser's generous share of advertising revenue allowed me to turn my passion into my career!

As a hyperlocal circle, the I LOVE network's slogan ‘by locals for locals’ fittingly describes why smallteaser.com is the perfect digital platform for us.

People from any of our connected cities can contribute their creative content with their peers.

We started in Hasselt with one local circle and now we have ten different cities in our community. Small Teaser makes I LOVE network to easily spread the feel-good local content!

I’ve always wanted to start a travel blog, but figured I wouldn’t be able to build up an audience all by myself.

Small Teaser’s community blogging platform helped me tackle that obstacle by making it really easy to start contributing to already existing, successful blogs.

I no longer have to worry about cranking out as much content as possible to attract more readers; I can just collaborate with other bloggers!

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